Storage problems in a Windows PC are not new ones. This might happen due to several installations of user software or system software. Also if you like to play computer games on the device then it is very common due to the large size of the game storage files. Many people like to store movies, documentaries, or TV series on their devices. So, the storage problems are not new ones in these times and it is also not the one that can’t be solved. Today I am going to discuss how to resolve the storage problems in your Windows PC.

5 Ways To Free Up The Hard Disk

1.Enable Storage Sense

Storage Sense on Windows 10
Storage Sense on Windows 10
  1. Press Windows Key + I. This will open the Settings app on your Windows 10.
  2. On the Settings page, click on the System option.
  3. Under the System, click on the Storage option.
  4. Click on the toggle button behind Storage Sense to turn on the feature.
  5. Click on the Configure Storage Sense and enable the option – Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using.
  6. And it’s done.

2. Disable Hibernation feature

Disable Hibernation feature
Disable Hibernation feature

The hibernation feature allows the Windows to not end the user’s unfinished work instead, it saves the data, unlike the shutdown feature. So, if possible keep the hibernation feature turned off. This feeds the storage in no time and fills the storage. That’s the reason it is hidden in the first place in Windows 10 iteration.

3. Defragment the Hard Drive

Defragmentation of the Hard Drive
Defragmentation of the Hard Drive

The defragmentation is to organize orderly these blocks so that they can be placed together to faster the speed of reading and write of the hard drive and to help your slow PC to run smoothly.

  1. Type Defragment in the search box. Click the best match Defragment and Optimize Drives to open it.
  2. Then the Optimize Drives window will pop out on the screen. In the status box, you can see all readable drives that are allowed to optimize and defragment.
  3. Select the drive you want to defragment. You can choose according to the Current Status column.
  4. Click Optimize to defragment the selected drive.

4. Store Files in Cloud Storage Services

Store Files in Cloud Services
Store Files in Cloud Services

Using online storage allows you to free up space on your local hard drives. It also means that no matter what device you use – or where you happen to travel in the world – you will always have access to your files. As a result, you can watch your videos, listen to your music, or access work files on the go.

Some of the online cloud storage services are Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud. There are plenty of more but these are the prominent ones.

5. Uninstall Programs

Uninstall Programs in Windows 10
Uninstall Programs in Windows 10

Keeping your PC clean by removing software that you no longer use has several advantages. You will regain some hard drive space, usually up to a couple of hundred MegaBytes unless we are talking games, there is a little benefit other than that for most programs. If you uninstall a web browser, for instance, that is usually several hundred Megabytes right there. If you remove a game, it can reach the two-digit Gigabyte space easily.

You can use third-party software for uninstalling programs in bulk. For example, Revo Uninstaller Pro, Advanced Uninstaller Pro, IObit Uninstaller,etc.


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